Thursday, December 27, 2012

From Crib to Cross to Crown! Jesus. Plus Another Jan Bracken Poem about Christ and a Special Song by the Ball Brothers: It's About The Cross

~~~May your walk with God get ever closer each year!~~~

Merry Christmas 2016! 
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From Crib to Cross to Crown
He was laid in a crib small, 
Knowing full well what lay ahead.
When hungry he would bawl,
In a manger full of straw for His Head.
Little did the world know that night,
So long ago in that far away land;
They were welcoming an eternal light.
What GOD, THE FATHER had planned.
The cross was a part of the peaceful scene.
Although on most pictures you don't see the cross.
It was something wasn't foreseen
A Crib to a Cross to a Crown is where GOD'S LOVE comes across!!
J. Bracken, copyright, 2012

 The Ball Brothers Sing: It's About The Cross 


When we give a present, what is the reason?
Do we do it to make ourselves feel grand?
Here is something to think about during the holiday season.
Will you be listening for a clapping hand?
Giving a gift is lots of fun.
But does it make us just feel better
Or the receiver think of THE SON!!!
Or the Bible which is God's letter.
After we give of ourselves to OUR SAVIOR forever,
Will our gifts be useable or ornamental?
Or just fun and clever?
As you give this season, make sure your gift is monumental.
Jan Bracken, copyright, 2012
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God richly bless you in the healing and love that is always Christ Jesus, Amen!
Donna M