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In Christ~~~ A Prayer for the Downtrodden: the Abused, and the Hurting People in All Nations (First Part)

“At bottom, and just in the deepest and most important things, we are unutterably alone, and for one person to be able to advise or even help another, a lot must happen, a lot must go well, a whole constellation of things must come right in order once to succeed.”:
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~~~Today's and the Second Part just posted on April 5, 2016, were inspired and are dedicated to my good friend Nicolai.  He is a believer in Jesus Christ, and he had the courage to share with my close friend Jan Bracken ###(see her links below) and me very sad and terrible pictures of wounded and killed people in his homeland who were murdered by a heinous leader.  Thank you, Nicolai, for your courage to press on toward Christ and shine His Light bravely as we move each day a little closer to Heaven!!  With love, Donna
Believers in Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior- It is imperative to spend time in the Word with You, LORD, to pray for the good things for people and the world that we know You would have for us to do; that we go where You call us to respond for those people in need, to stop humanity’s terrible unkindness to one another and to living creatures!!

Jesus, completely God and also Man...
A Prayer to God of Great Thanks:
Thank You, God for your Character that is unlimited, boundless, and unchanging!  
We love, adore, and worship You, Lord.
You are the One God, united in the Father, Your Son, and the Holy Spirit-
One Spirit and Three Persons.  
In Your Son's Name, Amen. 

A Prayer for the Abused, Downtrodden, Tortured, Terrorized, and Refugees/People Who Flee Their Own Countries:

 Dearest Heavenly Father, 
We thank You for Your Lordship and Salvation to ALL people who accept and believe in Your Son, 
Jesus Christ: the Living Water, the Bread of Life- the Innocent, Holy Lamb of God- our Redeemer- 
our Creator and the Lord of Life!!  We love Your Holy Names, and we love You Yourself even more so!  We esteem You highly, Oh, Holy Spirit of God, Who guides and protects and comforts us.  
You are Almighty God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
You made us- people: man and woman in Your image.  With you, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY- One God, Triune – Three Divine Persons, blessed Trinity!  You are completely Holy- ALL things are possible with You only!  Nothing is too difficult for You- You reign over Heaven and Earth and all that is in it, around it, NO limitation or boundary for You.  You are Self-created and Invincible.  Love is Your Spirit, and You want good for us, the ones you prize and created.  You gave Your Life on Calvary, Lord and Savior Jesus! so that we can have Salvation- all we need to is to believe and tell You that we believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  We are sorry for our mistakes and faults, sins.  You are fathomless- so HIGH, so DEEP, so WIDE- omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent.

I ask You to thwart and to stop the killing and plundering of men who prey upon others!  Thank You, God!  To stop the physical and emotional/spiritual/psychological victimization that evil, even demon-possessed people, do to others.  We pray for people specifically in Syria, Ukraine, Russia, South and Central America, Africa, European folks and North American alike, for people in the continents and nations of Australia and the North and South Poles, the great Asian, far-reaching regions and nations, Pacific Islanders, and all island and indigenous people, nations and tribes…any who are helpless and hopeless who try to survive the horrors of wickedness! 
Let NO leader of his own nation or country hurt the people within the borders of their country or to drive them out!  This is sheer madness of the lowest and most vile order. 

We thank You, God, for putting a HOLD on the forces of evil, even though we are struggling exceedingly hard, always have, but some people say that things are getting even worse on Earth... You are the Righteous God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and hundreds of millions more of us, perhaps billions over these thousands of  years. With YOU, all things are possible!  You hold us in the palm of Your hand.  You are our Guide and Protector; we thank You for the shield You place, the hedge of protection You put around each of Your loving, believing children.

Bless Israel, Oh, LORD- we pray for the peace of Jerusalem!!  We pray for peace, Almighty God, over the people in the Middle East.  We hear true stories that Jesus Christ is appearing to people there in dreams, perhaps visions; the people call Him the “Beautiful Man.”  Sometimes after the dream, then that person may come upon a Christian missionary in the market, and then the individual who did not have any knowledge whatsoever of Christ Jesus accepts Him as one’s own Lord and Savior, right then or perhaps soon after!  Praise You, Most Holy God!

Lord, let us be sons and daughters of You who DO good things for others- to step out of our comfort zones to help children, women and men, who need a helping hand!!!  We want to walk in Your footsteps, King Jesus!!  Give us courage and strength, understanding and wisdom, insight, Holy Spirit.

Where there is horror, hate and malice, please bring the Spirit of God- You- to these regions and all the areas in the world.  Let us look to You, Holy God, and we ask that You help us to be as like Jesus Christ as we possibly can.  God, we want ALL people to know you and accept You as their personal Savior and the Lord of their Life, for peace now, and so that they can live eternally in Heaven with other people who say, “YES, JESUS CHRIST; YOU ARE MY LORD!”  
Let our “yes,” be yes, and our “no” be no, anything beyond this is evil. (Matthew 5:37)  
In Jesus’ Name, Amen- So Be It, always and forever.

To read further, please go to the next one in the series, the title here, then click on the red-purple link below...

In Jesus Christ~~~ Prayer for the Downtrodden: (Second Part) Those Who Have Loss, Sadness, even feel that Their Life Has Been Stolen Away & Extremely Moving Video of God's Evidence and Presence & Salvation Prayer
In Jesus Christ~~~A Prayer for the Downtrodden (Second Part)

***By Diana Moses Botking, 1994: Picture of a woman or Mary of  Bethany (also Lazarus' sister of Martha and Mary) from Pinterest, saved from Dailypainters.com THANK YOU so very much.  
Please Note, Reader: the link right under the picture is the account from the Gospel of Luke...each of the Gospels in the Bible has an account of a Mary or a woman washing Jesus' feet with her tears, spikenard- an expensive perfume, and there are variations such as 
"she was a sinner."
The Second Part of these Prayers is coming forth, very soon.
May the riches in the glory of Christ- His mercy, kindness, goodness, longsuffering and lovingkindness fall upon you in God's great Love and Peace.  
He loves you so, 
and He wants you in His Kingdom forever.
Donna M.

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