Monday, December 13, 2021

Who Else Except Jesus Himself Can Offer You Heaven!? & A Salvation Prayer!

Jesus Ascends to Heaven

A Catholic Print, Thank you!

I am a Protestant

We all, Catholic and Protestant,

Believe in our Lord and Savior

Christ Jesus!

Part I of II

Who Else Can Offer You Eternity?

We people search and search,

Wonder and search.

We should question.


Whatever you


Ask the Lord Almighty!

Ask Him to help you find His Answer.


Then, go to a good believer in Christ,

One who is knowledgeable.

One who is Bible-believing and

 Jesus Christ,

The Son of  the Living God-



Talk with this most special person

Who chose well!.....


(Or, make a decision to accept Christ the Lord and Savior, now!?) 

God will answer your true heart’s calling.

He will, most assuredly.


When you know,

Then ask Christ into your heart.

Ask God for the forgiveness of your sins.


God, the Father, the Son, and

The Holy Spirit

WILL forgive you,

Putting your sins as far as the east is from the west,

Deep into the more far regions

Of the Seas-

And forget them all, the sin.



Part II

Who Else Except Jesus Himself Can Offer You Heaven!?

Jesus, the Messiah,

Died as the Father asked Him to do.

Taking on ALL of the sins that

All of us ever had, would, or would be committing.


Jesus, the Atoning Perfect Sacrifice

Was the Only One,

For He is completely Holy,

Fully Man and Fully God.

Jesus died on the cross, then three days 

Later, arose. 

He was seen by over 500 people

During a period of 40 days.

From Bethany on the Mount of Olives,

Mount Olivet.

Then, Lord Jesus arose to Heaven

To sit at the right Hand of God our Father,

Where Jesus intercedes for us!

For always into eternity!

He will return in the clouds,

To sweep up to Heaven His chosen.

Then, when He returns to Earth and sets feet here, 

There will be a short Armageddon***(See Below) because

More battling, all would be dead,

It will be so terribly unbearable...

~~~~~~~~~Until all mankind would have passed away,

and before that, those who have chosen

 Jesus as their Lord and Savior,

These people will be in Heaven with Jesus!

Or have refused Him, thus, these have chosen to reside in Hell forever. 

Those of us who have or will 

Accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior,

Will abide beyond beautifully 

 To tulfill our loves and hopes!

By Donna M.


This posting is dedicated to my sister

Sherry McCoy and her husband

Robert Swartz.

Godspeed and to all who read this.  

The Lord wishes with all of His heart

That each one! of us will accept 

His Lordship and Salvation and 


All of US to decide for Heaven,

not Hell...

He respects you enough to let you choose for yourself.

Forevermore. Amen.

Choose for Your Eternity,

Donna McCoy-Harms


Important Note:

***It is really not complicated, but people who are without Christ, but are alive during Armageddon, can accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour during that time.  They will be saved with Christ, too.  However, who wants to wait until Armageddon is here- or worse, what if one passes away before Armageddon or any other time without redemption?!!  Unthinkable, but it happens and will more for those who are unbelieving/wait too long until their own death to make a decision FOR the LORD.

Accept Him Now, Please, Friends.

Here is a prayer that you can pray to accept Jesus now!

~~~A Salvation Prayer~~~ 
I ask You, God, right now to come into my heart and life.  Father, I believe in Your Son Jesus Christ, that He died on the cross shedding His perfect blood to redeem me; I ACCEPT Jesus' Gift!!  I repent from the ways of the past and want to live as You would have me, loving You, then others as myself and helping people, also that they will learn of Who You are- and who they are- in You, Lord!!  I will follow You, Jesus, all the days of my Life into eternity!!  Thank You, Holy Spirit, for coming to indwell me to guide, comfort, and obey what God wants for me.  I want to find a good church that believes in You, Christ, and studies the Word of God, The Holy Bible.  Thank YOU for talking away my sins; You even forget them.  In Jesus Precious Name, the One above All, Amen.