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Your Mother Loves You, as She Always Has, and She Will Always Love You & A Salvation Prayer

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(When You Came to Live Inside Her Womb; Were Brought to Her; She First Learned of You; Saw You; or She Knew You Were Hers)

May 8, 2021~~~Happy Mother's Day to Mothers and Each Who Shares Those Loving and Sacrificing Qualities for Another.  
In other words, MANY folks have excellent Mothering may be a sister, brother, husband, friend, neighbor, aunt or uncle, distant relative, or even a good stranger who helps you out in a moment of need.  
Praise the Lord for His flock.
Someone said on the news tonight: if your mother has passed on, think of a person in your life who is a mother to you.  Tell that person, Happy Mother's Day!

5/2/2020~~~It has occurred to me many times as I wrote this posting originally and now have re-posted it a couple of times, that there are hurts likely connected with our mothers, (such is the case in being human) sometimes great and many hurts.  I do hope that is not the case for you, but there are those of you (each one of you is a very important child of God)...who read this article, who are still deeply hurt about their mothers, perhaps the passing away of your mother!  Please know, that I am praying for YOU.  The LORD completely knows and understands each of you and every part and parcel of the hurt/s.  Many Christians around the world are praying for you~ for the ones who have felt or been slighted, abused, hurt, wounded, or were separated from your mother.  Many of us miss our mothers so very, very much, whether or not we have a lot of sad memories, or we have good memories of them.  
God bless you richly, in Christ, my Friend! 
More to the point in truth, you are His Friend, the Lord Almighty's Friend.  
I pray for Healing in Him for your heart and mind, 
your sweet spirit!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Story~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

There is no love like a mother's love.  Stated similarly, no one loves as a mother does.
A dad's love is essential, also, and special!! 
Oh, how I know that fact.  My sister Sherry McCoy and I know from our teen years, into young adulthood and then throughout our lives, how vitally important fathers are to the health and well-being of a family. 

I see in my own husband the aspects of a good and true father- strong, safe, firm yet caring and loving, full of faith in God.  A good daddy knows his limitations and calls on the One Who can give him help in times of trouble, solace in the storm, and faith and abiding to make up a storehouse of peace and strength to encircle himself, his family and children.  A good father loves his wife and then his children, as Jesus Christ loves us.  A woman who has a truly loving husband, who treats her as Christ treats us, is incredibly blessed.

In a current movie, Mother's Day, one of the characters, a dad named Zack played by Jack Whitehall says (loosely quoted :) - "Does a dad know when his child is hungry or getting sick? No!  But a mother knows with every atom of her being when her child is getting sick or is hungry." 
Bizarre Foods' star Andrew Zimmern, a television show on
the Travel Channel, says in a commercial showing him eating with his mother and a large family, "We love our dads, but we float in our moms."

These thoughts have been rummaging through my mind the last several weeks...I seem to be missing my own beloved mother who is deceased now 15 years.  She is most assuredly in Heaven; I know this for certain, which gives me endless Joy and Peace!  I know that I will see her again, and that we will be forever in love of Christ Jesus in a New Heaven and New Earth where all of this misery, at times, does not exist!  We will not need the sun because we will have the Light of the Son of God that will far more brightly outshine the weights of today's world.  Yes, we see the Lord God's beauty and life all around us.  We are blessed!  Especially believers in Christ Jesus, the Son of God, Who knows that we will be alive in a place of perfection, Heaven! which is nothing like we have ever seen or known- we are the truly alive, blessed people.  Each of us can have that!! 

~~~How to know you have Salvation in Christ and are assured of Life eternal in Heaven~~~
Please see the very last section below after the original writing.***

We mothers come in many sizes, shapes, temperaments, colors, persuasions, and lifestyles...some are very poor, yet they give their first and most of everything to their children.  Some mothers may have many means- and things (items, possessions, the ability to go and to do almost whatever they want); these ladies are seemingly entitled- a lot! but they know best to count their relationship to the Lord and to their family/children as a high, true calling that it, indeed, is. 
We mothers run the gamut of ability, beauty, talent, education, being privileged of status, money,
but most importantly, the one solid foundation that we can all share and pass on is our faith in God. 
No one can pigeonhole us, nor can anyone truly figure us out, except for Jesus Christ in His Love and Sacrifice.

Here is the original, unchanged posting of May 10, 2014...God bless you!!
I want to send a Happy Mom's Day to everyone- young and tall, big and small! No matter who you are, you do have a mother. We each share that fact in common. Whether or not you are a girl or a boy, a man or a woman, you were nurtured in the womb and then born into this world through a lady. 
That is how God made it to be; that is how Jesus Himself came to the earth, through Mary, of course. Eve...was the first mother.  Some people as children or babies were brought to their mother from the outside of her own body, as in adoption, and then the child's smaller heart settles firmly and softly in the new mom, just as close in her heart...
Some folks have an aunt, friend, sister, or even a dad! who acts as a mother or has a mother's qualities that fulfill those needs; each human being needs some mothering, and we are also given those characteristics to nurture others in our lives. 
Whatever nation you hail from, whatever color of skin, no matter the culture, city or farm, wetland or desert, we all share that same bond of having a mother.

I am and was blessed by a tender, loving mom.  My sister and I were her first concern, always.  She did have a temper, with cause :) and I know, at times, I tested her patience more than I wish I had.   She was the epitome of a loving woman of the Lord Jesus Christ and loved Him and followed Him all the days of her Life through that very last night here on earth. Then, she passed on to Heaven to be with Jesus and God forever; that makes me very happy, to be so sure of her and my own and loved ones' and friends' Place for Eternity forever and ever after life is over here.  There are people I might not like or even know, but I want salvation for each one.

It struck me in thought this morning: to be saved and to live the life in Christ...that is what each mother in the world for her children, indeed, would want if she knows the full and true story about Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah, the Living God and the King of kings, Lord of lords!!  Mothers love their children and have an invisible tie with them forever, even though we cannot see it- it is almost touchable. Whether or not your mother was sweet and kind, hot-tempered, moody, full of joy and laughter, hurt, angry, loving or rather cold, bad or good- she loves you and loved you. We are all a mixture of emotions and temperaments/character, and no one is perfect, except Jesus was and will continue to be forever and ever- fully God, fully Man.  He was the Perfect Lamb for each one of us.
  I send my deep and sincere thoughts and prayers to those who have not been so fortunate to have been able to stay with their mothers- maybe couldn't, shouldn't, didn't have a choice, and so forth. Maybe someone's mom died before the baby could see her or spend time with her, but she is always your mother. Maybe she had alcohol or drug problems. We do live in a very broken world. But Christ is returning soon! Be watchful and be prepared to greet Him as one of His children, His saints!

I pray you have already accepted His gift of Salvation and to be the Lord of your Life, into eternity. If you have not yet done so, you can change that now, this moment. In that case, this note is just for YOU. 

Take a moment and tell God that you accept Jesus and want Him in your life, that you are sorry for your wrong-doings. Tell Him that you believe in Him. He will take you just as you are, right now.   The Lord forgives and literally forgets anything you have done offensively to hurt others,  yourself, or Himself.  It is as if the errors, great or small, never occurred. 
Find a good, Bible-believing, Jesus Christ believing church (not a cult or a false teaching, false church with false beliefs). Stay in the fellowship of believers and learn from the Word of God. Love Him first and then others as yourself. Try to live a Life as much like Jesus as is humanly possible.  As you ask the Lord to help you along, He will guide, protect, and direct you each step of the way.  The Holy Spirit of God comes to you to live inside of you to guide, direct, quicken, counsel, and comfort you!

I hope your mom was, is, or will be saved, too! You can pray for her and tell her what you have just done in accepting salvation. If you think your mom may not have gone to Heaven, don't worry. We cannot limit God's capacity of love for each of us; He loves our moms more than we do. He loves our children more than we do- hard to understand, isn't it? We cannot, nor would we want to put God "in a box." His power and abilities are fathomless, and He does absolutely everything in His power to bring a person to Salvation to Himself. His love, compassion, and longsuffering for us is magnificently lavish and overflowing.  You never know the private moments that your loved ones have had with the Lord, nor what He might have said to them in their last moments before they died, or in a dream...God fully knows each one's heart, mind, soul, and spirit~~~intimately.
***Salvation in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior

We live in a broken world with broken people, and we are just trying to do our best.
Our best is not enough.  We have to have the Lord God Almighty to live fully in His Kingdom now on Earth as it is, AND with the knowledge and wisdom and PROMISE that we will be in the true Kingdom of God with Him! in the New Jerusalem.  Jesus Christ of Nazareth gave the Truth of God, Himself, Who is the Word of God to His chosen people, Israel.  Then, to the Gentiles, we are grafted into the family of God. 
Mainly through Paul, but there were many others who ministered and spread the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ, to the rest of the world...and now we, as God's true believers with our faith firmly standing on Jesus, the Son of God, strive forward, taking up the cross of faith to tell everyone! about Him!
We, the people- children, women and men- are made in God's Holy image.  LORD and Savior Jesus is our Creator.
Jesus struggled at Gethsemane the night before He was beaten beyond our most horrible imaginings, nailed to the cross, doing as His Father asked to save each of us.
Do we realize that every single sin of each of us that has been committed or will be was put upon our Lord and Savior!  The suffering and anguish! 
The Son of God was the Only One Who was fully able to forfeit His Holy Life for ours!  He is the spotless God-Man, fully both, Who was slain as the Perfect Lamb of God.  And then the Father God had to turn away from his own, beloved Son because of all the sin heaped upon Him so that He took what we deserved to be able to come fresh and sinless before God.  THAT is what Jesus did for you and me!  That was the true and awful hurt that Jesus Christ endured that day on the cross- to be completely separated from His Holy Father!  (I don't believe that we can fully understand the deep, loving intimacy that The One God, Triune in the Father, the Savior Jesus, and the Holy Spirit must feel and have.)  How did they feel when the One part, precious Jesus Christ, was scorned by the Father and the Holy Spirit???!  Unable to look upon all that sin heaped upon Jesus!
&&&(See scriptures below that tell that Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah, indeed, is
the Son of the Living God.)
Jesus arose on the 3rd day!!  He walked among the people and was seen in different places by hundreds of people over the period of 40 days (May 5 of 2016 was Ascension Day :)
Jesus talked to His Disciples; most became Apostles spreading far and wide the Truth of Christ Jesus.  All were killed for being Messianic Jews (the first Christians), except for John, who was spared from that.
A Salvation Prayer
The Lord God is: God the Father, God the Son~Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and God the Holy Spirit. He is One God, our Triune
Lord and Savior.
If you sincerely want eternal life in Heaven with God the Father, and God- His Son Jesus...the Holy Spirit will be with us, also: T
ell God that you believe, you are repenting of your sins, and that you are His forever:
Dear Heavenly Father,
I know I have sinned against you.  No matter how awful my sins are, You can take them away from me forever and ever.  I have not kept the Ten Commandments all of my life. Jesus, you put it this way: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and strength, and then love others as you love yourself.  I want to turn away from my past.  I know you put it away from Yourself as far as the east is from the west and as deeply into the ocean where you remember that sin no more.  You completely forgive me, God!  I am so grateful and blessed to be your child!  I believe in Jesus Christ, that He died on the cross for me, arose after three days, stayed with the Disciples and others for 40 days, then He ascended into Heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father, where He intercedes for us!  Jesus left to take the Crown and to be the King of kings and Lord of Lords! Thank you for your undying Love for me, now and forever.  Help me stay with your Bible, find a good, solid, loving and welcoming church that exemplifies Your Truth, not some candy-coated, feel-good meaningless imitation.  I want your Truth and to fellowship with people who care and want to be your disciples. 
In Jesus' Name, Amen, So Be It!

&&&Verses that support Scripturally, Biblically that Jesus is the Son of God,-Son-Of-God
Godspeed and keep you on Mother's Day and every day- which is His to give you. 

mercies are new each day-
Bet you knew that!! 
With Love and Joy, Thank you,
Donna M.