Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Christ-mas in July, The Real Reason for Christmas! Jesus is the LORD and Savior of Each of Us- You and me! Poems and A Salvation Prayer

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There is a little movie of some age that is so very, very sweet and endearing...I found it on late night movie television.  It is "Christmas in July" staring Dick Powell and Ellen Drew.  Its release date was October 18, 1940.  It is a touching film that you may want to check out at your library or to look for a copy to watch at home.  It is a frolic in fun, not sure I remember if it is the true story of Jesus at Christmas, or not.  I highly recommend it- for the whole family.  Very nice.

Since I saw that film, I have had a soft spot in my heart for the term, "Christmas in July".

Sweet little Dove 

From heaven above:

Come down, from on high,

To prove Yourself King By and by.

Donna February, 2008

Long Memories and Gratitude
Oh, Lord, keep our memories long
With plentiful gratitude
For what you have done.
May we not be as
We were from Egypt
To the Promised Land:
Longing for meat, instead of Your manna
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:6

The Good News of Jesus Christ
Is that He lives today among us,
His believers,
And He reigns o’er the entire world
That none of us should perish.
The Holy Spirit works and hovers
To move us to Christ.
So come, come now
To Lord Jesus
Your Savior.
God usually speaks
I have found-
In a quiet voice.
You will hear
Him clearly, softly.
It is definitely
Make no mistake.
Avoid the oft
Human response
Of overlooking,
Going on.
Have you noticed?
How God seems
To speak quietly
When guiding,
Then sometimes
Comes deeply
Through action
To get our attention?

However He leads and
Speaks to you,
We should definitely
Listen, friends!
He is our Creator.

He made the world and
All that is in it.
Most importantly,
You and me.
Donna 2006

Jesus took what was owed us

And offers

Redemption, salvation, and everlasting happiness,

So that we may be together

Forever, in more glory than our minds can fathom.

Just take it, that is all.

It is so little to ask in return-

Why wouldn’t he want our free will?

He never forces anything on us-

No, not even Himself,

For He is never the oppressor,

Always the liberator.

He knows the marrow of our insides,

The thoughts of our fancy,

The desires of our heart,

The deepest, most covered feelings

That no one else knows,

Sometimes, not even ourselves.

Never fear, for Christ loves you

In a way that is indescribable,


Almost unreachable- for now,

But nonetheless, ‘tis so true!

Accept, rejoice, and

Live in His likeness!

By Donna McCoy-Harms, Winter-Spring, 2003

God is Holy, 
there is no one above Him, 
All the glory always goes to Him,
and He alone! is sovereign...
Over All- that includes
most certainly,
You and me.
A note: God speaks to us in a myriad of ways!!  He is all-capable.  One of the best pieces of advice ever given me was by a Christian friend, Joni Ames; don't put God in a box.  She was right- He cannot be put in a box!  The Lord spoke to me one day a few years ago in a very crowded and loud foyer at church while I was talking to a married couple, who are friends of mine.  God's Voice and helpful directive in a sentence was unmistakable. 
My point: God speaks to us, not only in quietness, but in so many ways!  He can and does break through to us!!  Ask Him to help you in your belief and your walk. Even if you are an unbeliever as of now, ASK HIM to help you to believe!  
He will!! 
Many true believers, disciples of Christ, find that spending time in The Holy Bible (the Bible) with God in His Word, in prayer and listening, is a great way to learn about our Lord: the Trinity, Who is the One, True God.  We show El Olam, the Everlasting God, that we love Him enough to take some dedicated moments with Him~ alone~ each day- and to hear His Voice for guidance.  
The Lord Almighty always refreshes us, never drains us or makes our time feel like work/toil.

In His Presence

Won’t we be softened

By being in the presence

Of our Lord?

Won’t we be purer

When we sit at His feet?

In His shining countenance,

With loving, outreached arms

For us,

In the fragrance of His Home-

Oh, it will surely be sweeter

Than any earthly fruit could bear

Our clear faces will reflect

Precious Jesus’ smile,

And when we look back at Him,

He will see the love
We were meant to have for Him
In the beginning.
I love the way
Everything just stops
For a little while
At Christmas…
All of the craziness
And we bow down
To worship
Our Lord and King, Jesus.
It’s so soundlessly
As we all stop
To stare
At the newborn Savior
Of heaven and earth.

God  loves you, Friends, with everything that He has! and
that He has plans for good, no plan for harms.  Accept Him, and your Life will be filled with some real Joy and Excitement; you may feel a tingling in your spirit.  It will not be all high mountain experiences, however, it is the most worthwhile things ever imagine.  Then, one day, you will join Him with all of your loved ones who wanted to be there, with God's blessings, forever in more fun than we can only begin to know on planet Earth, right now.

 Salvation Prayer
Dear Heavenly Father, I have gone my own way and made mistakes that would not please You.  I want to be freed and forgiven in Your eyes and heart.  I know you sent Your Only Son, The Savior and LORD to release us.  He took ALL OF THE SIN UPON HIMSELF and was the slain Lamb of God so that we could be freed forever to walk in His ways and to be in Heaven for eternity when my Life as ended here.  I want to learn more. Please help me.
In Jesus' Name, Amen

You can tell God in  your own words from your heart and soul, also.
Check these four prayers to tell God- the one that feels like you are talking to Him.  He most certainly will listen, and most happily and gladly accept you with His Open Arms! Thank you.  You have made the very best decision of your Life.
 I am putting a direct link just here below in the light purple color to several Prayers to say with your heart and mind, to read and really mean to join God the Father, His Son Jesus and your Savior, and the Holy Spirit will come to live with you and guide, comfort, and correct you, preparing for God's Kingdom, Heaven, forever, and ever!  It will be the most secure, beautiful, cozy, and yet wondrous place of safety and love that we ever tried to imagine!
If you are unsure, speak to God, pray, and take it up with a very trusted friend or pastor to discuss.  Much love to you.

The Sinner's Prayer, 4 Examples crosswalk.com
Donna M.-H.
July 31 2018
Whew!  I just barely made it to be with this title,
"Christmas in July".      : )