Sunday, August 7, 2022

The Twentieth Anniversary of My Lord Saving Me from Death in an Extremely Serious Car Accident




A Wondering Thought: 
Sometimes I wonder how many times the Lord has rescued us from a catastrophe, and we have no idea.  Maybe in Heaven He will tell us!   :)

August 7, 2002, I crashed my car while driving on a country divided, two-lane highway in my state of Kansas. My husband was driving his small truck, and I was following him home. It would be a three hour drive from Royce's little sis Lori in Salina to Overland Park, our home, and we had just left Council Grove, an old Kansas town with LOTS of history and fun to hangout with family! Royce and I were very familiar with these towns and roads, especially since Royce had driven large trucks delivering large farm implements around Kansas and a few states.  The last thing on my mind that day was a car crash!

As I was driving the only things that I remember was the darkness, a drab gray and voices.  I remember my husband talking to me: Royce said that I would be ok; he or the other man said that I had been in a car accident.  The main thing on my mind was talking with Jesus and God.   I said, "Jesus, help me!'  Please help me, Royce, and the people here." That was it. 

Everything was that gray blankness except for a few sounds people carrying me on a lift, seeing nothing, only having that vague awareness.   I heard the whirringsound of a helicopter's wings .  The people at the scene either told me that we were going to the helicopter, or I supposed that by hearing the sounds.  I was lifted into the copter, and then we took off. Royce had to drive the way to the hospital I was flown to St. Joseph's Emergency unit in KCMO, Missouri.  Royce was a police officer at that time, and when the people in charge had asked him which hospital, Royce said, St. Joseph's.  He had taken victims there, and it had the best reputation for extreme accidents at that time.

I am making this posting extra short because I want to put it online tonight on the 20th anniversary of that accident and time.  I have not included a picture of a car in a culvert, as I usually put a picture at the top of the story, wrecked. My family has been through so much with me that a graphic picture is one less reminder, even though it would be a facsimile.  I must say that my family went through so very much pain in that one month's stay at the hospital, then the following 9 months and year -plus, plus- with home therapy, outpatient therapy and at least 2-3 surgeries, and through the years.  I still walk with a cane. On a vacation, the family pushes me in a wheel chair, etc.

I was raised by an incredible Christian mother (more to come on that very soon!) who raised my sister Sherry and me to be very thankful for what we have from God in Jesus Christ, with our Holy Spirit, of course! She would point out about others who have much more need than we do! We are to give: 

Luke 6:38. "Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you."

This posting is meant to encourage you!!!  Please, do not be downhearted or heavy in spirit!  God is with you each step of your Life.  Be sure to commit your Life to Christ Jesus, and you will to go to Heaven when you pass on.  If you think a loved one had not accepted Jesus before dying, keep heart!  We do not know what goes on in the mind of a person is passing away.  God will take every advantage to persuade us to come to HIM!!!  Be sure you take your family to a really bona fide Christian, Bible believing church, and it is never too late to affect someone for their faith to be in Jesus. Stay in the Word; read and study the Bible.Tell people The Truth!!

God bless you, Dear One.  Be encouraged and have and keep your faith in Him.  He loves each one of us MORE than we can imagine.

by Donna M.

I do not like to write in a shoddy fashion, but I am posting this writing tonight to get it out on the 20th anniversary and will keep editing this post!  Thank you for your understanding.