Saturday, December 12, 2020

Dream: Come to the New Jerusalem! and A Salvation Prayer


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This posting will be rather brief.  

The Lord God gave this message to me in a dream that I had about 7 years ago.  Here it is!

Here is the scene that I saw.  It was as though a video camera were moving along from the left to the right (how we read in English).  The colors were white, off-white and cream colored.  As I looked at the moving scene, there were buildings in this scheme, like the ones you would see in Jerusalem, Israel.  Low, light stucco with one floor, maybe two or part of the building had partial second story.  These buildings were on rolling hills as in a desert.  The scene continued in this fashion.  

In the background I heard this lovingly fashioned song, of sorts, the sweet constant words: "Come to the New Jerusalem...come to the New Jerusalem, COME to the New Jerusalem!!"  In the dream and to this day, I knew that God and Jesus were speaking together saying these words.  (Unsure, but why did it not come to me to think of the Holy Spirit?  He is literally here on Earth with the believers and also beckoning others throughout the world to join in with Jesus...the One Almighty God, Triune in Persons and Spirit: God the Father, God in Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit of God : )

Oh, and the brilliant colors in this dream!  Throughout the rolling hills, there were flashes of bouquets of petunia-like flowers!!!  Magnificent these were.  The bouquets had deep, bright colors: purple, red, yellow, and perhaps blue.  They were breathtaking and hard to describe adequately.  The flowers were bell-shaped with the thick, colorful petals.  Just exquisite.

The rolling scene and song of a gentle but certain and loving command- Come to the New Jerusalem! continued throughout.  Some dreams get hazy over time, but the true ones like this one, which I know is from God Himself to me- and others reading now- stick with me forever.  I never forget the content, nor the meaning.

I so hope, Dear Friends, that you will highlight this posting, remembering the Message.  It is for ALL people.  It speaks of Christ Jesus Himself, the Holy One, the Messiah, and the King of kings, our Lord and Savior!

Thank you and bless you as you have read this message, and I hope you will pass it along to others whom you love.

I hope we meet in the New Jerusalem, which is Heaven, with Jesus someday!  That is truly my prayer.

If you have never asked Jesus into your heart and asked to be saved so that when you pass away, you are absolutely assured of going tto Heaven forevermore!  If in the past you accepted God's salvation and then fell away later, please feel free to talk with Jesus again to reconnect to Him and to have your heart and mine assured!  What freedom! The ultimate freedom!  God bless you in this journey.

A Salvation Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for my Life!  I want to accept Your Son Christ Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  I believe that He is the One, and that He is the Only Way to Salvation and to Heaven to be together with You one day!  Please help me to be thankful, grateful, kind and prayerful in all things.  I am so glad that You have saved me, and please help my family in this Way with Jesus, also.

In Jesus' Name,


Donna M.