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PART THREE, HEAVEN: What I Would Say to My Beloved If Their Salvation in Christ Jesus is Unsure...

(Third, of Three Parts)

~~~When You Go to Heaven, or to Hell~~~
You are here on earth, and something has caused your death from this life...for believers in Christ~~~ (disciples, followers, people who believe in the Lord Jesus and walk in His Light and strive to be the best person possible, living as He did while on earth as our Example/Savior/Lord/Creator)~~~ the Bible says that we are "absent from the body, then present with the Lord." (1 Thessalonians 4:13-14; 2  Corinthians 5:8; Philippians 1:23, and so forth)  It is as though you blink, truly, and you are taken from the death of your life here and are immediately with Jesus Christ!  For others who have not wanted to be with Him, those folks will be separated from Him forever- that is what Hell is.  (Other passages show more specifics, in addition to the separation from God, forever!  I hope none of us reading this posting will ever experience that terrible reality.  It is real; please make no mistake or doubt it, whatsoever.) 
(See Psalm 112:10; Luke 13:28; Revelation 21:8.) 
I am in full Joy! to tell you the things of Heaven, but it pains me to tell you of Hell.  However, God does not want us to be naive or ignorant of the truths of our afterlife...we, each, will live somewhere after this life, eternally: Heaven or Hell.  People are falling down all around us- the ones who die only once and go blissfully, forever into Heaven with no more grief, pain, ugliness, or strife, and the ones who go to eternal Hell, having this death and second one into the Lake of Fire, never to escape by their own choice.  Jesus spoke of Hell twice as much as far as Scripture verses are concerned because He loves you and me, Sister and Brother!
Imagine being on earth, a new earth, and a new Heaven~~~basking in the Light of God that will never be too hot, too cold, or burn your skin.  We will BE WITH GOD!!  In the Presence of the Lord, always and forever, into eternity- with NO END!!  You have absolutely NO cares, concerns, or worries. No pit in your stomach that you forgot to make your house payment.  No worry about where you will find shelter tonight, or food, or proper clothing to fight the elements.  No gut-wrenching concerns about your child's safety, health, schoolwork, neighborhood, livelihood, faith, or who their friends are, and what they are doing those long nights...Paradise is where none of these things and the continuing millenia of horrors for man have existed.  Adam and Eve chose not to believe God when He told them: they would surely die if they ate of the fruit of the
Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
There, began the brokenness that we now see in catastrophic terms because Satan got his foothold, and we, ourselves, can be stumbling blocks to ourselves and others- yes, even, evil beyond our worst nightmare.  But then, Christ broke into a downtrodden and hopeless world, except for the promises God had made to Abraham and his people, which are spoken of greatly all the way through the Old Testament.  God shared his Plan of Jesus as the Lamb of God and Sacrifice for OUR sins, so that it could be totally wiped clean, and we had the path, the Way, Jesus, to accept His loving plan of Salvation that He had made before the beginnings of time and the foundations of life here on earth.
The Only Place You Want to be for Eternity
Is Heaven!
Rapture possibility~ if it comes before you die~~~but if not saved, you won't go to Heaven and will have to endure the Tribulation of approximately 7 years- and THEN, my hope and prayer for you is that you accept Jesus as your personal Savior, so you WILL, indeed, get to Heaven!  You do NOT want to endure the Tribulation, so why are you waiting to make your decision for Christ? 
(Please hang in here and get beyond the terrible and even slighty wrong/difficult things we must bear on earth now...we get to the better part in full- well, with my limited vision and certainly GREAT truths of the Bible...)

No thinking if you have the right clothes ready for work tomorrow.  Small, but how about having no clothes for tomorrow or only one shabby "outfit," and no shoes with blistering feet, open cuts and much worse- perhaps a worm that invades your skin in your feet?  Yes, I have seen that on T.V.

Your kids are possibly getting sick from being around sick ones at school today

Your aging mother is getting so forgetful; you hope she does not set the kitchen on fire.

You will never have to suffer from lies, deceit, scheming, adultery, unfairness, torture, terrible mood swings, gloomy days, crying and feeling hopeless, unforgiveness- yours or someone else's.

You do not have to wait and wonder and feel stressed to the maximum on any health tests, maybe even cancer, because there will be no cancer and no sickness whatsoever!  No M.S., Multiple Sclerosis; no M.D., Muscular Dystrophy; no Huntington's, no Lupes or Rheumatoid Arthritis; no Parkinson's; no serious heart disease; no cancer, no bad health whatsoever!
What you will have in Heaven~~~

~Outstanding, beyond-measure weather and climate provided by our Heavenly Father- what an abundance of Goodness in all areas!! No tornadoes, hurricanes, mud slides, tsunamis, or forest fires, devastation by lava or any other natural or unnatural phenomena!
~No bills. No worrying about how to pay for this and that.
~No separation from God or many whom you love- and new ones you will meet there to love.
~You can explore anywhere in the universe (I believe to be so, just hoping :)!~Meaningful and beyond-your-wildest-dreams of “work” that is not actually work- your tasks will be helpful/beneficial/fruitful- or just for the FUN of it! ~You can get to do all of the things you never had time to do, or only dreamed that you could do: rock climbing, maybe fly to your favorite planet for exploration; swim in the most pure water from the River of Life- water we have never seen before since Adam and Eve walked in the Garden at the beginning of our existence as people…You and I will have lasting, eternal relationships with people who fought the good fight and faith and did not give up, surmounting unbelievable odds of a broken world and clinging to the Old Rugged Cross, our Rock, our Foundation, the Centerpiece of our existence, love, relationships, all things good and kind and true- our Jesus!!
We will have time to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus, often and unfettered; can you imagine? We might have to wait short waits because there will be lots of people who want to spend time with Him. We can be sure that Jesus will work us in, except that concept won’t even exist there, and as far as waiting, time will be stressful, no clocks. I don’t know if we will sleep, but there is no rushing, no scheduling unless you want to meet with perhaps, John the Baptist, Peter, Mary Magdalene, Mary~ Jesus' mother, and there will be banquets, feasts, parties that you could never imagine- oh, and you have a mansion of your very own that Christ made for you, and it took over 2,000+ years for Him to prepare a special place for YOU, just for you! With streets of gold so fine that they will be clear, transparent and shiny as glass, one can only begin to wonder at the beauty with the precious stones, what our homes will look like. To be sure, something we could not imagine or dream. Oh, your body will never grow old or sickly- our energy will be off the charts, in the PLUS zones, yet never hurrying madly to and fro. 
Whatever is unpleasant or awful in your life now- GONE forever; whatever is beautiful and good, increased exponentially in the Presence of our Lord~~~these are the truths of what you have to look forward.
Please Remember :)
To the Lord God: You have saved me. You came to earth as a wee Babe born of woman and the Holy Spirit; You fulfilled all the prophecies as told by the prophets in The Holy Bible. You are completely God and completely Man, Lord Jesus Christ.  You died on the cross for my sins and for everyone's. I choose You, which is Life eternal with You and other beloved who have chosen You, Jesus. Your will is that no one perish to Hell and separation, but some will go there. I will live my life on earth for you, to love you first, then others as myself. I will try not to make errors, but will and will ask your forgiveness as I go along. I will not give You up. I have been sealed by the Holy Spirit upon the moment of my acceptance of You.  You are the only One Who knows the perfect time to Return, always loving and fair, AND you are the Just Judge of each and all. You have told us to go to the ends of the earth (to our neighbors, the man and woman in our neighborhoods, street, across the way, etc., and of course other countries, around the world if You desire that for my life) to tell The Good News, the Gospel.  Once I have asked You into my heart and life as My Savior and Lord, the Holy Spirit of God comes into my life and very self, to seal me forever in the Lord God. All of my sins that I had committed are put into the sea- as far as from east is to west- and You have forgotten them.  AMEN.  There is more, but this is the essence and Truth of what I believe as a Christian, one who fell away,*** but living for certain in His blessed assurance for 39 years seeking Him, the Lord, at a good, bona fide church~~~Jesus Christ-believing as the Son of God, fully God and fully Man, Who saves us and is our Lord.  Our church is Bible-teaching and believing and living (not a cult or false church or faith).  We fear God: this means to repect and to honor Him, to KNOW that He is in control, our Maker, our Keeper, the One Who gives us each breath and knows the number of our days here.  Yes, He loves us more than any other creature on the face of the earth; some day we. in Heaven, will even be above the angels there.  Our love for our own children and other loved ones does not compare with His for you, yet, His is The Great Example! Parental love is probably the closest we will get to understanding at this time. He will Return to us in The Second Coming! Time is short! Be prepared. Live as though He is coming tonight, yet live how it pleases Him, as though you will be here another 100 years. Be ready for Jesus because He IS COMING and SOON- no one knows the exact time. Make the decision for LIFE through the Only Way to the Father, the Son of God!~~~Who is Jesus of Nazareth as told in the Bible. Everything including prophets in the Old Testament pointed toward Jesus, and then everything in the New Testament told of His life here on earth as fully God, fully Man, Who suffered a terrible death with all sin put upon Him because He is the Only Perfect Lamb- Whose blood is acceptable to wash away our sins. He arose on the third day, was seen and walked with, ate with, and talked with over 500 people!  The Disciples watched as He ascended 40 days after His Resurrection  (Acts 1:9-11).  Jesus told them He was going to make a place for them in Heaven, and that He must go so that the Holy Spirit could come to be with go and make disciples of all nations!!!  That is our quest~~~!  Ten days after Jesus' Ascension to the right hand of the Father, He sent the Holy Spirit (Pentecost), and the Disciples were "on fire" with the Message of Jesus Christ, the Gospel of the One and Only, the Good News.  Praise God!
***I most assuredly accepted Christ within weeks after I was married because the Holy Spirit kept allowing me to "hear" old, beautiful hymns I had grown up with and heard all my childhood in church.  Why did this happen to me?  Because God loves me- and you- with a LOVE so deep and profound and does everything in His power to lead us to Himself, in Christ Jesus, without interering with our free will - that He gave us!  Between God's incredible love for me and the power of prayer with Him from my mother and Royce's family- the Holy Spirit came upon me in this way.***
  Please, do not! let your concern or worry over where a loved one of yours went after death interfere with your decision for yourself!  God created both of you, your loved one and yourself.  The Lord works in a myriad of mysterious, obvious, and unseen ways that each of us does not see…
If you have that blessed assurance for yourself and/or a loved one, Celebrate!!  Don’t give up in praying for yourself and others in your life and BE SO GLAD.  We are the most blessed people upon the face of the earth.  Jesus Christ is our Creator, the Son of the Living God- Three Persons (yes, and God is also Spirit), the True God- all others, if purported to be divine, are false~ bar none!
A book I highly recommend for great, true Biblical insight into what we can expect and are assured in Heaven: read Author Dave Earley's, The 21 Most Amazing Truths about Heaven, Paperback– October 1, 2006
ENJOY now this beautiful musical piece by Michael Bethany, "You are My Reward":
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May Christ richly bless you in the grace, love, compassion, mercy and salvation that only He offers!!
Donna M.