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The Lord God Almighty is Restoring His People, the Jews and Israel, to Himself- He Wants All Peoples to Join Him! + The Lord's Numbers + A Dream from God + Salvation Prayer

 John 14:13-14
And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will give it to you (Jesus said). 
My voice is but a tiny sliver in the great circle of Jesus Christ's Message to the world that He is Messiah and Savior, Lord of lords and King of kings! Additionally, we who are in Christ through the Holy Spirit, Who has given us power and authority, are co-heirs with Jesus Christ!  Can you imagine the hope and help and wonderful nature God has bestowed on those who believe in Him?!  Those people who have accepted Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who gave His gift of Salvation and Lordship, and His beloved and children will live in His Kingdom forever.  
Thank you, Lord. With all of these small portions, the body of Christ Jesus, brought together, we can bring forth a great Voice, God's Voice, to the world.
We are humbled by His Almighty greatness. (See end for~~~ FURTHER NOTES.) 
Heaven and the New Earth (Together) 
It is wonderful, indeed, beyond human words.  He has given us such an unsurpassed Gift, like none other- be sure to take it.  (There is a ::: Salvation Prayer ::: below.) If you have not yet taken that step to be assured to live in Heaven/the New Earth, with God- the Father, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and many wonderful fellow believers, and you desire this Joyful Life-change, then please take note of the prayer toward the end of today's posting.  Read it and mean it, or you can bow in prayer and say it in your own words.  There is no rote and exact thing that must be said; come to Jesus with a love and desire in believing He is Who He said He is- the Son of God.  Then tell Him from your heart, that you believe He died on the cross for you, shedding His blood, the Only fully Righteous and Holy Person and fully Holy God, Who could do this for the atonement of your sin.  Jesus of Nazareth arose and was seen by over 500 people; He met His disciples/apostles and others- talked, encouraged, ate with, and so forth with people- and then in 40 days ascended to Heaven, where He intercedes for you and me constantly.  When Jesus left, the Holy Spirit could come to be our Guide, Helper, and Companion in living more and more like Jesus Christ.  You will have an everlasting life that makes what we experience today seem pale and, indeed, small.  God is good, and He wants the best for you and me, always, into eternity! 
He will not take away which He Alone gave to us!!  Do not mistake free will, a God-given gift, as a ticket to do whatever, whenever you want.  He has allowed and made us to be accountable for our lives- to an extent.  What you decide about whether or not you ask Jesus Christ to be the Savior and the Lord of your Life eternal will make the difference for you to go to Heaven one day- or not.  You do not want the "or not."  To be broken off from God and everything good completely- is horrific, beyond what we can truly imagine.  Please do NOT wait; we do not know when God will call us: Home, for His true believers and children, or call anyone from this life.  God bless you in your decision, Friend!   
The Lord Almighty is Doing Great Things!
We live in exciting times!!
(The First Time the Lord Raised the Number of Page Views from Israel) 
I had written a posting a few months ago how God had answered my prayer in miraculous ways for His beloved humanity, that I could see evidenced statistically with Israel's page views in my blog, "The Healing is Always Christ."  As I looked over the postings and people reading them from different countries, I had prayed lightly with my breath, "Oh, God, could you increase these numbers some?"
Within a month or so, when this small prayer for better and more happened, these numbers were beyond anything I had seen or even dreamed: at the beginning of this great surge of page views from Israel in 3 distinct days over a year's time, i.e., a 12-month period- the first occurred in 417 page views during one day's time- June 27-28, 2014 (a Jewish Sabbath day)- within a very few hours' window, approximately 3 hours
Similarly, at the same time, the Lord answered prayer related to some specific countries and regions/continents that I had included in prayer, for which I was and am so thankful...Central and South America, Africa, more in Australia, Canada, and Europe, etc.!!  He expanded His own territory!!!  God can do that, you know...
Jabez called out to the God of Israel: "If only You would bless me, extend my border, let Your hand be with me, and keep me from harm, so that I will not cause any pain." And God granted his request.
1 Chronicles 4:10, Holman Christian Standard Bible - HCSB
(You may read that earlier posting for your review; I have shared the direct link at the end of this posting...***)
(The Second Time the Lord Raised the Number of Page Views from Israel)
Six months later, a similar event happened on December 6, 2014- an incredible spike/increase in one day's time- yet again from Israel on the Sabbath in only a few hours!  I saw, verified, and recorded that it was 568 page views, which had additional numbers for a few other countries.  (The statistics are still there; I double-checked several times at first, I almost could not believe my eyes!)   I did not report/post what happened at that time; however, now is the time to write and to share...
(The Third Time the Lord Acted in Raising the Number of Readership from Israel)
From Israel!! There has been a third dramatic growth in a one-day's time again in May, almost to that beginning of the prior June again, now, 2015, in people reading The Healing is Always Christ!  The number I was surprised, to put it mildly, and so very happy, in page views in a 3-hour window on the Sabbath on May 16 is 714!  Each of the three times has shown increase from the one prior to it: 417, 568, and now, 714!!  All of this happening is, beyond doubt, from the moving of the Holy Spirit toward His chosen people, the Jews, and other beloved soon-to-be-believers, toward everyone else, the Gentiles!
 In other words, of what I speak--- last June, 2014, something spectacular started happening involving several countries/areas of the world pertaining to numbers of folks who were reading "The Healing is Always Christ.">  (The Lord's work and love for us is always amazing, whether or not we see it or understand; sometimes He makes it quite evident to those who will see and hear- as is The Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ!  God wants none to be lost- for all to come to Him through Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of God.  See 2 Peter 3:9 and 1 Timothy 2:4 for Biblical Truth.)  >These uncanny and huge spikes in readership from Israel were answers to prayers, demonstrating the magnificence, the providential will of our Father, Lord God Jehovah. 
I had prayed, as I often do before, during, and after writing a posting. In addition, when I see the statistics of people in various countries who are reading the posts, I am so grateful and happy that I thank the Lord with sincere and heartfelt offering of myself to Him! that He is bringing the Word of God (there are MANY of us Christians who want to pass on the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ) to people everywhere! 
See ### below: 
Jesus tells us to Go!(+++) and to Make disciples of all nations
(+++Jan Bracken's poem, likewise below.) 
The Gospel is available and intended from the Lord Jehovah Almighty God to each and every person, Jew and Gentile, regardless of (rather, including) gender, race, home origin, including our past sins- which we all have.
The Lord has equally answered prayers for increased numbers of people to read in a variety of countries, regions, and continents in the world. 
He needs our prayers! 
Please do not underestimate the power and authority that you have- in Jesus Christ, alone! 
God does have, of course, His providential plans that do not necessarily require our prayer; however, when the person or circumstance is what the Lord is affecting and doing,
He most assuredly wants and needs us in the process of praying to Him for His plans and our needs, hopes, and desires~~~ for ourselves, others, and the world- nations and needs of peoples, lands, and life on earth. 
Praise God for his love, power, and authority, and that He wants us in His equation! 
What a Lord we love and serve, indeed.
In a moment, I will tell you the dream that came from the Lord a year or so ago; it ties in with this truth and theme of today's writing.
 You may not understand, but for my blog, these numbers I speak from Israel go above and beyond ANY number of daily, weekly numbers from one country. 
A very excellent day for this site is 60-80-115 page views from ALL countries who have read that particular day, not merely the 1 country.  These two (three altogether) times of which I emphasize and write today, June and December, of last year, 2014, have made the two very highest and obviously increasing numbers of people viewing and reading, each in one- day's time in Israel, and now we have 714 for the month of May, which brings forth THE highest total number for any month, 1,395* page views, and includes the many people reading in other countries, also, in this *grand total!
I have been writing The Healing is Always Christ, since October, 2012, which is 2 1/2 years (31 months) altogether, the United States has always been the first country in number of page views, overall. 
Before these three distinct times during these past 12 months regarding Israel, a year- June of 2014 through now, June of 2015- there were a only a scant number of page views being read by people in Israel. 
With even the first high number from Israel (417), Israel immediately became the second highest reading country, only to the United States, in page views! 
I trust that you with whom I am sharing will see that these numbers are not about me whatsoever; they are about God's chosen people coming to Jesus Christ! 
"The Lord is calling His people back to Himself!!" 
(In bold type here in quotation marks, this is what my very close friend Vicky Thomas discerned and declared with great exuberance the first time this startling increase happened as I shared with her over the phone. To see more of her writing, go to her blog, below>>>)
 Truly, the Lord Jesus is all about wanting YOU to be with His children who will be in Heaven/The New Earth with Him eternally, starting now.  If you have not yet committed yourself to Jesus, in believing that He is the Messiah Who died for YOUR sins, then begin now by making your statement/prayer of faith in acknowledging Him as your Lord and Savior.  You begin your walk and talk with Him in prayer and deed in goodness with others and yourself, each day of your life.
In these beginning of the very end times (no one knows for sure, but God the Father, according to the Bible), many peoples, faithful and secular, are agreeing that something big is stirring in our world.  Even the animals feel it, I believe, and are behaving in strange and heretofore, never shown behaviors.  Animals are sensitive creatures- to be loved and nurtured by us as God commanded us in Genesis.  God made such a special kinship between people He made in His own image, and the bounty and beauty of the incredible variety! of His animals.  I digress :)
God's Numbers!
Numbers are quite important to God: reading and studying the Bible shows us that fact.  He is most assuredly our Number Maker!  (This is nothing bogus, cult-ish, or occult; that is something entirely different and should be totally avoided.  It comes from the true faith.)  In the Hebrew language numbers had great significance, and I know so little, but I do know this: these numbers of His beloved people who are reading from Israel, even the dates and the facts that each of the 3 times was on the Sabbath, well, it is spectacular as only our Lord can be! 
For example, (and then I shall proceed to the end of today's posting with the dream God gave me): the first and third times there has been this considerable and marked amount of page views, that stand alone, amongst all others, the numbers were first, 417, then the second 714, which is the exact reverse of the first!!  Both numbers when adding each digit (4+1+7 = 12, as does 7+1+4 = 12) equal 12.  The number 12 means divine authority, divine government, the twelve tribes of Israel, the 12 Disciples, and much more.  Here are a couple of online resources:
God will not take our ---free will from us.  He will woo us and follow us, causing circumstances, people, and Himself to help us/speak to us about Salvation.
Also, please remember- this is for myself, also- to be more vigilant about looking behind information on the Internet for truth and legitimacy.  There are charlatans, even "for the Lord," probably especially at this time in our world.  Sometimes people honestly mis-inform, but we want to be at our best when it comes to the Lord and His people (saved and as-yet-unsaved; this is not to say that everyone will accept Christ's free gift- not free for Himself- since He gave His life to die for our sins...God's gift of Salvation.  He provides/provided; we accept or reject Him.)
Here is the dream I had, and then I am wrapping this posting up. 
I do encourage you to go to the end below where the notation*** is with the link to my first writing- to read how this chronological happening started of the last year--- the prayers and God's answer in His most abundant, fabulous way that only He can do!  From my limited perspective, this is what I know and have explained...Here is the dream...
The Dream that God Gave Me:
Over time, but especially the last 15 years or so, I have had dreams that are from the Lord.  There are some distinctive things that I could comment that help me to know they are different than a regular dream and to understand them, but for now, let us get to the dream... 
I had a dream over a year ago...all I could see were the rolling, beige-white hills of the area around Jerusalem, and there were little swatches, sprigs- if you will- of beautiful, bright bouquets.  I am not sure if there were the natural beige buildings you see in that area, or if the rolling hills with spots of color- Life!- were all I could see!  The bouquets were a combination of bright, bold colors~ red, blue, purple, and then there were pastels such as pink, but those were very vivid, also.  I knew that God and Jesus were off to the left- or in the west- but I could not see them at all, and they were saying over and over again, out over the hills, speaking to the east, with the beautiful flower bouquets in view, "Come to the New Jerusalem!  Come, come to the New Jerusalem!"  This happened over a period of time. It was simple, brief, beautiful, and it was most certainly a God-dream, sent from Him as a message. 
One thing that I do as I have grown in understanding in realizing Godly dreams from "regular" dreams is that I specifically ask the Lord to give me a dream that HE wants me to have- for prayer for someone or a situation; for information that would be useful; and most of all, other than for praying for others, I want to be obedient, and it just plain pleases me so when I get all things from my Jesus!!  I think the Lord intended me to share this dream with many people. 
:::~A Salvation Prayer~:::
Please tell God the following, from your heart and mind, being truly earnest and yearning for Salvation in Christ alone!  You can tell God in your own words, of course.  Let your heart be your guide in speaking to Him, be yourself- you are who He created for His special purposes for others, yourself, and your family, even the world.
Dear Father in Heaven, I am sorry for the mistakes I have made, and I want to start fresh in Jesus Christ.  I believe that you sent Him to die for my sins, that He arose on the third day, and then, over a month's time, He ascended to Heaven to sit at your right hand and to intercede for me and all people in His glory and splendor.  He will be returning for His own, and I want to be and will be with them because I believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  Thank You, Lord, and help me to walk with You daily, to do my best according to Your Word, the Bible, and to pray, to be in fellowship with people of the Body of Christ.  Help me to find a true and good church.  In Jesus' Name, Amen.
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Jesus' last words before ascending to Heaven:
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~~~FURTHER NOTES: A reminder to each of us: please remember our circles of influence: home, work, neighbors, email, where we take vacations or visits, our people who check us out and bag up our groceries, the doctor's office while waiting...these are all people with whom we can tell our own story of Salvation, how good God is, have Scripture ready and available to speak to folks or to hand out. Even saying, "God bless you" to people as you depart- anywhere and everywhere- is helpful and important! How thankful we are in free countries where we can gather, worship, and speak. Let us not take for granted whatsoever and let freedoms slip by and away! The darkness, the devil and his demons and evil powers, including evil people~ are always tuned in and ready to attempt to take His Light from us and the world! Likewise, we pray for our sisters and brothers in countries and areas where they bravely meet, often in hiding, like the first Christians in Jerusalem and other areas so they could remain safe, despite the terrible harshness of the world. These lovely people make every effort to read the Bible, to share the Gospel- the Good News of Jesus Christ- we must pray and help in all ways possible. Through our churches' missions is one very important way to support oppressed Christians and people everywhere.  Share wherever you are- here and abroad- your Bibles, information, encouragement and love, including your personal testimony and walk with Jesus about the Truth of God.

Picture at top of Jesus with Children in Israel/Jerusalem from
Thank you immensely for this gorgeous portrayal of our Lord.
Donna M.