Saturday, May 4, 2019

Breath of Life~~~In Christ, Be Alive in Me!

Sheer Beauty
Your Hand out
 In Love,

To create the universe-
The land, sea, and air.
Creatures of singular
Ability, shape, color, and size:
A tall giraffe wading through
A Sudanese river;
The beak of penguin
Nuzzling his baby
Under deeply fluffy
Stomach on feet.
Shimmering horizons
Massive and deep mountains
Oceans of blue,
All coming from You.
A mother’s smile,
Holding babe the first, ecstatic moment.
                                ~                             ~
  Cavernous grandeur
In mighty waterfalls,
Wandering whales, dancing
Breaking above the waves
As family.
Every fifteen minutes
Dolphins greeting and acknowledging one another,
Just because
They want to.
Moving as one
Across great expanses
Glorious fields of grain,
Growing hill-steps of beans,
Glistening, snow-packed mountains
With eagles rising way up high.
Spoken by Jesus,
Savior and Lord of Life!
By dust we came,
Your most beloved,

By dust

We go.
In Christ,
We meet You daily and
In the bliss of Heaven
 Donna M.,
November 11, 2010
             Copyright 2012            

Abiding Love

 In God’s love for us

Through Jesus, His Son,

He showed us the beauty of
His creation
By taking away
ALL of the sin debt
Ever was, is, and would be,
So that
Can live forever
With Him,
Back Home
Has He ever taken away
All the beauty of the world?
Not ever.
The Ark
The Cross
Animal Kingdom
Herbs plants trees
Oceans and skies.
Most of all,
His pinnacle of Love,
 Word of Beauty~
Be alive in me!
Donna M.
c. 2010


Daisy Debs said...

Beautiful and moving words . God Bless you .

The Healing is Always Christ (.com) said...

You are so kind, Daisy Debs, God bless you and your ministry and family highly in Jesus! Bye for now, Donna