Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Being Thankful for the Many Wonders, Gifts, and Goodness of God Toward Us!!

Canada Geese, Goose, Branta Canadensis
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I published this story on The Healing is Always Christ several years ago.  I have been seeing many geese flying, on the ground, and they always make me and my family happy.  We see God's grace, beauty, love for animals and love for our eyes and minds that He created...to behold His Earthly Kingdom.  
If you have read the title story below, please read it again and pass it along to your family and to your friends; I think you will find some Joy!
(More anecdotes about our friends, the geese, as an 
***End Note after this story...)

A Very Special Canadian Goose Story
(or, Two Geese to Get My Attention)

There are many beautiful stories about geese: their loyalty, how they stick together and work together, and how they mate for life.  Probably the most famous one that comes to mind is the one about how they fly in a V, and if one falls behind or gets hurt and is grounded, then another from the V-formation comes to its aid until the hurt one is ready to go again.
Today I have a story for you that came directly from God, through the Holy Spirit, to me.  I watched the story unfold one day, and it has sustained me, showing the great love and power that the Lord gives us daily.
One day last spring I was particularly bedraggled and upset.  The weight of continuing financial burdens had hit me particularly hard for certain reasons, I am sure.  As I pulled up to the bank to go inside, I noticed two Canadian geese.  They are often in pairs and also seen around that area...  One goose was eating hungrily, not in a panicked-fashion, from the grassy patch; the other goose stood on one foot only- an entertainment to my eye- nearby the first goose that was eating.  Another bank customer and I were amused at the two geese as we walked to the door to enter, and I commented that I thought the one eating was probably the female and that the one protecting her was the male.  Inside the bank I transacted my business, came outside, and the pair were still in the same general vicinity but had moved somewhat.  This time the female was still grazing, and the male goose had moved closer toward her, and he was on one foot again.  Same foot? I do not know!  Mentally, I remarked how sweet and wondrous that he would have moved to keep close to her, and yet, he had put one of his feet up again to rest!  My, was he steadfast, and still, he had not eaten yet!

I got into my car, somewhat lighter from the beauty of the picturesque geese, but I was still heavy-laden in my mind with financial burdens.  Suddenly, the thought struck me: I am extremely blessed to have a husband just like that little man-goose!  Yes, my husband is like that bird!  The Lord had shown me in a very glorious way that I should not worry about bills and money because I have been exceedingly blessed with a husband who cares for me, loves me, and protects me.  How much greater a blessing it is than to worry about money!  Even more, I thought, God has given me blessed assurance through my Jesus Christ- eternal life in glory!  He is taking care of me and us now.  What worries could I have?  Through those magnificent geese I could see the love that God has for them, and how much more love, unfathomable, His love for me.
James 1:2-3,12
Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.  Blessed is a man who perseveres under trial; for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life, which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.
   Donna M., Copyright 2008
***End Note: This spring 2020, my husband, our grown son, and I have at different times seen our beloved Canadian geese again!  I personally felt that we had not seen as many this year, perhaps the last few years since we moved from our house to our apartment.  Maybe the location, not greatly different, but different enough to make the difference?  Or, was it bad effects of the weather, the climate, the season, or God forbid, environmental causes!? 
Not too long after these misgivings, we heard some geese flying over where we live~ Praise the LORD!  
Other happenings: my husband and I were driving along, and as we slowed down to come to a stop, Royce said, "Look at the grass to our side!"  Two geese were in the grass, one eating and grazing and the other watching over her! Indeed, the male was giving cover to his mate while she feasted : )
Our son sent a picture of two geese he saw, and we have seen other pairings, groups.  I am very, very happy...what a beautiful and magnificent world God has created here on Earth until Heaven and Earth join one another some day, all for His might and glory, Amen.
Donna M.

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