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1. AT CHURCH FROM A VIDEO ~ NOTES FOR MOTHER'S DAY PLUS 2. Your Mother Loves You, as She Always Has, and She Will Always Love You & A Salvation Prayer


                                  ~ Majesty of Motherhood
by Ariel Edwards~

Notes for Mother’s Day at church, video, May 3, 2011


Prayer to the Lord is powerful, and it works!  That may seem simple, and to an extent prayer is always a mystery; we ask why God wants us to talk with Him when He knows everything anyway.  But Jesus is our Example, and prayer is very much within the Bible, and you can see the results that prayer has on people’s lives.


I have been richly blessed that my mother prayed for my sister and me.  Everything came from that.  We prayed together, and we saw many prayers answered over the years.  When I strayed from the path God had chosen for me in believing in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I am sure it was Mom’s prayers that greatly influenced the Lord in watching over me and in securing my salvation. 


Royce and I pray for our grown children all the time, together and individually.  As a mom, I don’t have to tell parents how much my children are on my heart.  Their salvation above all and their well-being mean everything to me.  We are so thankful that our son made that decision, and that decision has never changed in his life.


We need to keep growing and learning about what it is to be a disciple of Christ.  I think we will have many things answered when Jesus comes to take us to Heaven.  In the meantime, it is faith in Him and trust.  There’s a community group this spring that we are learning about the power of praying for our adult children.  We can ask the Holy Spirit for an outpouring upon our children for salvation, restoration, healing, good living, and above all, a relationship with Jesus Christ.  There’s a book that Stormie Omartian writes about these things.  She says that God is the only Perfect Parent, and that we can know and say: “for this child, I prayed!”


One of my very favorites from an earlier posting about Mothers' Love!


Your Mother Loves You, as She Always Has, and She Will Always Love You & A Salvation Prayer


Donna M.

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