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The Wedding Invitation and GO! by Jan Bracken & A Salvation Prayer in Jesus Christ! & "It's About the Cross" the Ball Brothers!

Running to My Beloved
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Sharing again from three years ago... More poems about our Lord God from our contributing author,
The Bride Running to Her Christ, Savior and Lord!!

Jan Bracken! 
Relax and  enjoy her ballads.
A Note on Jan... What a lady, friend and mentor Jan Bracken is to me!  I have been blessed by this most special person who loves the Lord and Savior Jesus.  He is the Centerpiece of her life since she was a girl.  This amazing woman gives and gives in His Name: to her daughter and son-in-law and many family members, her church, and her friends near and far.  She prays unceasingly and yet, as a senior, continues as a teacher to preschool children on how to use the computer!  She has taught Sunday School and Bible studies her whole life, including doing missions work in Africa and supported missions, etc.  To our current church, well, we could not make it without her support in many ways, most including curriculum for KidzLife (Community Life Church, Shawnee, Kansas,; she is the leader and teacher of the small group that I attend.  Jan spreads the Gospel far and wide; every time she and I meet for coffee or lunch, she takes out her Bible, and I am blessed yet again with truths of the Word.  Jan is the teacher of teachers!!  I wish everyone had a “Jan Bracken” in his or her life.  Although not that far apart in age, in many ways, as advisor/counselor/confidante, she has helped to fill the space in my life left by my own precious Christian mother who went to Glory with Jesus going on 7 years ago.  Warm and loving, always encouraging, Jan is a great help to the family of God.  I know Jesus must dote on her.
(***If your salvation is unsure, Jesus is calling you through these words.  Please do not wait.  There is a prayer at the end of today's posting that you can say from your heart and soul that will secure you to God forever and ever, and you will be with Him always in Heaven with your saved loved ones and many, many others!  You will get to do all the things that you wanted to do, with no tears, no regrets, no hurts, and that longing in  your heart will be filled in Christ Jesus.)
Two Poems

The Wedding Invitation
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit Cordially invites you to the


Ever to be performed.

The Bride will be the church

And the Bridegroom:


You must be clothed with His Robe of Righteousness and His Garment of Salvation.

Only those properly attired with be admitted.

The only gifts that will be accepted are the people that you have led to the Lord.

There has been a lot of advanced planning on this event;

Preparation began at the foundation of the earth.

The participants were also chosen at this time;

And now the Bride is being readied.

The time of this great event is known only to the Father. 

The Bride must be ready at anytime.

Do you want to be included in this celebration?

We, who are prepared, because we have accepted the invitation,

Have an awesome responsibility to help others be ready.

How many people are you taking to the Wedding?

We know that the time is near, 

So come quickly Lord Jesus.

Hope and pray we see you there.

The Bride must be ready at anytime.

Do you want to be included in this celebration?

Amen and Amen!


 His Ivory Palace my Savior left behind;

To Save a lost sinner like me.

With love and compassion for mankind;

He gave up his life on a tree.


Some 2000 years later/today,

What will you and I give?

First we need to fervently pray,

Then we need for Christ to live.


Will it be at the office pool?

Or in your own neighborhood?

Or at your high school?

Or will you be misunderstood?


Christ is coming back for His Bride.

In the wedding party, will you be?

To go, in Him you must abide.

You sure don’t want to be an absentee!

By accepting Christ into your Life;

You won’t be hung on a tree.

But you may run into some strife.

Don’t let that stop you from being free.


Jesus’ final word was “GO”,

Where have you been?

To Africa, Haiti or a country with snow?

Or next door, the grocery store or Berlin?


How many quests are you bringing with you?

We can’t take our money, houses or cars.

I hope you are taking a guest or two.
As we fly to heaven through the stars.
It was so very important to our Soon Coming King,
Is it your top priority?
Or just a fleeting thing.
So Go into all the world with GOD’S AUTHORITY!!

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The Ball Brothers sing, "It's About the Cross"

***A Salvation Prayer

If you are ready, pray this prayer or say one in your own words; talk to the Lord:

***Dear Father in Heaven, I know that you cannot have sin for you are completely holy. You are also patient and longsuffering, kind and loving. You made me because you simply want me to be made in Your image so that we can have a genuine, loving relationship

I have fallen short, made mistakes, and sinned many times. You know that I am not perfect and cannot be perfect in this world, but I do want to say, "Yes, Lord!" I believe in You, Jesus, as my personal Lord and Savior. Please come into my life and make me a new creation. I know you love me more than I can fully understand at this time, and You can help me to grow and to live in your will for my life. I want to live always with You, not separated for eternity. Thank You,
In Jesus' Name, Amen.
Donna M.
Have a great day!  Enjoy Life!
God will see you through all your days, all your trials, and you will be filled with a Joy that you can share with others and know that you have His Promise of eternal life in Glory!  For me, there is just nothing better than seeing His love and work in my life and the lives of others. Nothing in this world can outweigh it.

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